Ruth is the first track from the self-titled debut EP by Wedding.

Written and recorded by the normally Manchester-based Thomas Craig with New Yorker Zachary Taube during the pair’s time in Germany, Craig says of the recording:

A lot of the warm nostalgic elements came from watching a cold grey Winter turn to lovely Berlin Spring and the feeling of possibility that came with that.

The self-produced EP was recorded to tape-machine, which might answer the questions in your head as you listen to its honest irregularities. This is analogue in every chewed-up, warped sense of the word. You’ll hear in it that blissed-out Mac DeMarco guitar sound as the decades flutter by on the breeze of the song’s ever-present slides.

Wedding is out on October 16th, on RIP Records. It will be a cassette release, of course. (You’ll also be able to get it digitally).

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