Foxes in Fiction is the project of Warren Hildebrand, and began life as found sounds, field recordings and audio collage. Following the death of his brother in 2008, Hildebrand rethought Foxes in Fiction, the evolution culminating in a seven-track album, Ontario Gothic, recorded in Toronto and New York between fall 2011 and spring 2014.

The new direction of Foxes in Fiction sought out to combine elements of pop, compositional experimentalism with looping, and ambient music in an effort to create a listening experience that provided people with a deeply comforting and psychological healing effect, like that that I experienced from certain music during my times of suffering.Warren Hildebrand

Shadow’s Song is a warm and comforting dream, wrapped in hazy echoes and old-fashioned charm. Featuring violin sweeps from Owen Pallett (best known as a member of Arcade Fire), and lovely hushed vocals, it’s a beautiful way to take four minutes away from the world.

Featuring contributions from Rachel Levy, Caroline White, Sam Ray, Ansel Cohen, Beau Sorensen and Owen Pallett, Ontario Gothic is available to pre-order from Orchid Tapes:

The album will be out on September 23rd.