More shoegazing greatness for you today. Bournemouth’s The Death of Pop are a janglegaze dream made up of three brothers and two cousins. The break-up album could be interesting then. But let’s hope we don’t get to hear it for many years, because Mirage is a somewhat psychedelic celebration of a shoegaze sound that sits somewhere between early Ride and, erm, late Ride. Not Black Nite Crash so much; more Carnival of Light. Plus I’m sure there are some Sundays guitars buried in there somewhere, but that could just be a case of too many effects pedals warping my fragile little mind.

Fifths will be released by Art is Hard on 28th July, on flexidisc. Thin and flexible (hence the name), this format used to be popular as a way of giving music away with magazines, and many old freebies flexidiscs have gone on to become highly collectable. Of course, due to the limitations of the format, only one track features on the disc, but the good news is that it’s Mirage. After the success of their previous release using this format - Luna by Fear of Men - Art is Hard will hope to repeat the success with Fifths. As well as the disc you’ll get a 20-page ‘zine (again: hence the name).

If digital is more your speed, or international shipping costs are not where you feel you get the most for your moolah you can download Fifths from Bandcamp for a not unreasonable 4GBP -

You can also get a free download of Whenever from the band’s Soundcloud page.