Good morning sunshine, hello Summer, hello bright and breezy indie-pop. Space Daze is a solo project from Seapony’s Danny Rowland, and Follow My Light Back Home was the fruit of his attempt to write a song every day for a month. It didn’t work out quite as planned, but it did result in a dozen tracks strong enough to form an album, which was subsequently released through bandcamp and on cassette - one copy of whose limited run sits right in front of me as I write.

The album is a sunny indie-pop stroll - twelve quick-fire tracks that (mostly) skip along with an innocent smile. Woke Up In The Summer is its beautiful opening track - a little bit Real Estate, a little bit classic 60s pop, a little bit somehow even more old-fashioned than that. And no sooner has it danced in front of your delighted ears than it’s off again. At less than two minutes, it’s a note-perfect American tribute to a British Summer.