Mercury is the title track from the debut EP by dark electropop trio Scam Avenue. Fast cuts, silhouetted figures, negatives, and doubly exposed figures mix with Super Hexagon meets child’s Kaleidoscope visuals in the song’s mostly black and white video. The dark and intriguing track, meanwhile, has vocal echoes of Sarah Cracknell (St Etienne), and a quietly developing menace that flowers into a brief moment of guitar and drum activity before settling back into a descending single-note pattern in its final phase.

Scam Avenue are Devery Doleman (lead vocal), Tara Chacón (backing vocal, synths) and Lawrence Kim (guitar). Nate Smith joins them on drums for Mercury.

On the EP’s creation, song-writer Kim says:

I wasn’t consciously going for a certain type of sound with these songs, but I think there is a certain moodiness that comes from New Order or Section 25 or Factory Records in general. I was also listening to a lot of Brian Eno at the time and I think there’s a sense of space in these recordings that may have been influenced by that as well.

Mercury was released on June 23rd, and is available from Scam Avenue’s Bandcamp page - follow the links from the media section, below.