We Are Fools For Singing This Song, released on June 26th, is the debut single from Intertwine, the project of Norwegian artist and architect Tarjei Zakarias Ekelund. It is, as Ekelund explains, “an anxious song about distance - the kind of distance that slowly tears a relationship to pieces”. On this occasion the knife that tears is subtle; Ekelund’s sweet vocals and the soft cries, together with the softly undulating synths and rhythmic bass, provide such warm comfort that you could be forgiven for missing the song’s crushing message.

We Are Fools For Singing This Song is the first release from Intertwine’s debut album Goraikoo. The name derives from a Japanese term meaning “coming of light”, specifically the light of the sunrise over Mount Fuji that would be your reward after a night climb. Goraikoo will be released on November 6th, via Brilliance Records.