Attic Fowler - Attic Fowler

Time for some Southern-rock inflected indie-pop, or, as Attic Fowler’s Chris Rutledge describes his band’s self-titled debut: “terrestrial river-soul”. City Escape, The W Road and album-closer Oak exude a particularly lovely chiming guitar sound.

The Cold Start - Chrysalis

You probably think Basingstoke’s all just roundabouts and ring roads. And you’d not be far off, to be fair. The Cold Start, though, are evidence that epic indie rock can be born in such an environment, even if they’ve taken the unfathomable decision to swap Festival Place and dodgy pubs at the top end of town for the theme park capital of the world and move out to Orlando. That said, the video for Chrysalis might not have come out as well if they’d had to film in and around Kempshott and Hatch Warren.

The Duskwhales - Harvest

North Virginia’s The Duskwhales are Seth Flynn (vocals, guitar), Chris Baker (drums, vocals, guitar), and Brian Majewski (keyboards, drums, vocals). If you like indie-pop plus organ feistiness and sharp, shifting melodies, I highly recommend you check out their self-titled album, released in August 2014.

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Macatier - Swimming to Canada

Macatier is 23-year-old Surrey musician Dan Brown. Swimming to Canada is the lead single from his forthcoming EP This Boat is Definitely Sinking, out on Monday 8th December.

Moonrags & Hoost - Addiction

There isn’t always obvious rhyme nor reason to explain why some tracks grab the attention when others just don’t. But anyway, here I am including a funky slice of electro-soul in this round-up. And why not?

Slight - Spirit School / Tasting

Hailing from Montreal, Slight are “as satisfying as taking a messy bite of fruit on a summer day”. Judging by Spirit School, I think that fruit might be laced with something designed to induce the sensation of slipping out beyond the Earth’s gravitational pull and looking down on this rock from the darkness of space.