Arbo - Soulscape

Arbo is the solo project of Josh Arbo. Sometimes spacey, sometimes twitchy, constantly atmospheric and intriguing, Soulscape is available from his Bandcamp page on a name your price deal. Listen to Houses for an example of his impressively broad sound.

Blak Lyons - Upper State

Shades of that good old rock music and some satisfyingly raucous guitar textures in Upper State, from Bygones - the debut LP by Blak Lyons. The band was formed in 2009 by cousins Ezequiel de Lima (guitar) and Diego Antonelli (bass), along with Tomás Giambruni (vocals and rhythm guitar) and Francisco Bianchi (drums) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Elephant Memoirs - Aim For The Faith

Elephant Memoirs were formed in Gateshead in 2013 by John Aspinall (ex-Dead Miles), Barry Drew and Carl Aspinall. On Aim For The Faith the trio capture that chiming guitar sound that always seems to work for me.

Slopes - Daydream

Slopes is the one-man project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Aansh Kapadia. Daydream is his latest release, and a really cool slice of electronic indie pop it is too.

Velcro Mary - Whatever Helps You Sleep at Night

Laid-back slackering from Velcro Mary. According to “ANONYMOUS INTERNET LISTENERS WHO SUCK AT GRAMMAR AND SPELLING”:

The lyrics are a minutely drowning in the hipster vibe, but apart from that it is very good. I like the song as a general party/rock song. I think it is a song ill listen to when dirinking half a bottle of whiskey.

Whatever Helps You Sleep at Night is taken from the forthcoming album Static Canyon Echoes, due out early 2015.

Voda-i-Ryba - Skip It

Voda-i-Ryba (Fish-and-water) are an indie/avant-rock experimental outfit from St Petersberg, Russia. Not afraid to mix synths with jazz with pretty much any sounds they feel like making, Skip It is from the more straightforward rock side of their recording personality.