Azwel - Out on a Limb

Azwel is the recording name of Jason Perrillo; From Now On is the prolific song-writer’s fifteenth album. Currently available from Bandcamp on that sweet name your price deal, it’s an album with a gentle heart that beats to the rhythm of classic pop/rock stylings.

Listen to the album’s highlight Out on a Limb.

IX - Breaking Faith

And now for something that most definitely does not beat to the easy rhythm of classic pop/rock…

If you’re in the market for brooding electronica that could be the future soundtrack to as yet unmade films, particularly ones that will see reviewers dig out synonyms for dystopian, stop here a while and have a listen to Breaking Faith, taken from the album System VII.

Moving Parts - The Free People

Moving Parts are a beach rock band from Minneapolis. They have released 2 EPs - Go By Feel and Music From the Monastery - with a third on the way in January 2015. The Free People is taken from Music From the Monastery. Gentle washes of sound and wise words from Alan Watts lead into a shuffling melody; it all sounds pretty laid back and idyllic, but stick around long enough and it all gets satisfyingly crunchy.

Phosphene - Phosphene

Phosphene are an indie rock quartet based in Oakland, CA. What began as a low-key project between Rachel Frankel and Matt Hemmerich in 2010 has morphed into a rich mix of folk, shoegaze, and indie rock, showcased on the superb Metric, taken from their self-titled debut album.

Valerio Lysander - The Prince

Valerio Lysander is a singer/songwriter based in London. The Prince is taken from his first EP, Tidal Mental Head, and I hope he won’t mind me suggesting that it’s like Beirut meets Regina Spektor, but with a charm that is entirely its own.

Y’all - There’s Nothing Here With Me

There’s Nothing Here With Me is a slice of psychedelic excellence from Charlotesville, VA (America’s happiest city, I’m told) band Y’all. It’s the opening track from I’m Here Right Now, which you can download or purchase in a brand new and exciting physical format that some people are calling cassette. You can get the magnetic tape version from Funny / Not Funny Records, or get your ones and zeroes from Bandcamp.