The Broken Heed is an album comprising 10 original songs written about and through depression. The project aims to raise funds for male mental health charity CALM. CALM is a relatively young charity, but does a great job promoting awareness of depression and other mental illnesses amongst men.

100% of profits will go to the charity. The only costs to the project are the pressing of CDs (a successful crowdfunded campaign was set up to cover the cost of pressing a small run of CDs (50) to accompany the album’s digital downloads) and the 10% cut the download provider will take. All administrative and musical time and effort are at no cost.

Read more about CALM at

The Broken Heed is the first new music released by Johny Nocash (music: The Irony Board, Echolalia, Broken Down Lorry and writing: Dukla Prague Away Kit, EverythingIndieOver40, Toppermost) since 2012.

You can buy The Broken Heed from Bandcamp. It’s available on CD for £7, or digitally for £5.