Well, if we can have Clergy Corner, we might as well invite the big man / flying spaghetti monster along.

Stevie Wonder - Have a Talk With God

I have Giles Smith to thank for my appreciation of the greatness that is Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life. His espousing of its many virtues in his wonderful book Lost in Music led me, at a time when I was more firmly indified than tody, to pastures green, wonderful, and utterly magnificent: few songs can claim to even one tenth of the beauty of As, or the joy of Sir Duke. Songs in the Key of Life is Wonder’s joint-highest charting album in the UK, spending three weeks at number two and only being kept from the top spot by a K-Tel compilation (Soul Motion) and Bert Weedon’s 22 Golden Guitar Greats.


Super Furry Animals - God! Show Me Magic

This single by SFA, their second, reached #33 in 1996. The video features a cameo from Welsh actor Rhys Ifans, who was briefly the band’s lead singer in the days before they released any records.


Ida Maria - Oh My God

Oh My God failed to chart on its original UK release in 2007, and only reached #85 the second time round in 2009. Doing my research (diligent as ever) I was pleased to find a few other Ida Maria videos up on Youtube with pretty healthy numbers of views, and more singles and albums than I thought she’d recorded. I was also feeling a little guilty for letting her slip from my mind after this one hectic, climactic blast of energy.


Faithless - God is a DJ

Did I ever tell you the one about how even though it’s widely known that this isn’t really my kind of thing (or at least wasn’t) I saw Faithless on their farewell tour, and even had some sort of weird priority ticket which allowed me to stand right up front? (And it really was weird - either they didn’t sell as many of these tickets as they’d hoped, or they assumed we’d all need way more room in which to express ourselves, which in my case is not much since I don’t really dance that much at a gig. Not in the actual moving about sense of the word, at any rate).

It was a pretty awesome gig as it turns out, even if they have slightly undermined the whole knowing when the time is right to call it a day thing by performing more live dates in 2015.


The Sundays - God Made Me

And surely he did, Harriet. Especially your voice.


Moose - Play God

The opening track from Moose’s third album Live a Little, Love a Lot, Play God is typical of the delightful, tuneful and musical scope and flourish that the former inventors of shoegazing (in as much as the term was coined at one of their early gigs) developed over the course of a career that was as marked by record label callousness as it was by popular indifference. If you don’t know them already, I can’t recommend them highly enough - work your way through their catalogue chronologically for guaranteed happiness.