Anna Calvi’s new single Piece by Piece arrives broken and fractured, with occasional sputtering and discordant guitar explosions, but is still shot through with moments of calm beauty, such as Calvi’s work high on the fretboard, providing an almost harp-like backing, and a delicate counterpoint to the sounds that come at you from all angles (and in some cases, parts of instruments that I’m not sure were intended for playing that way).

My Calvi research tells me that she has received numerous nominations since the release of her self-titled debut album in 2011. Alas! She has failed win on every occasion bar one, when in 2012 she was victorious in the Eurosonic Noorderslag European Border Breakers Award (United Kingdom). You might not be aware of these awards, but 2013’s UK winner was Disclosure, so that’s pretty successful company to be keeping. Let’s just not say too much about some of the previous winners, though: The Darkness (2004), The Fratellis (2008), Charlie Winston (2010).

Anna Calvi is currently on tour, supported in the UK by the marvellous Woman’s Hour.