They’ve covered Slowdive, and there’s more than a hint of classic Ride (who they’ve also covered) in Alex White’s vocals, harmonies and drums, so there’s no denying Highspire’s shoegazing influence and pedigree; it’s something they’re not shy of mentioning on the bandcamp page for 2010 album Aquatic:

The long-awaited (7 years!) sophomore album by shoegazers Highspire, Aquatic is a misty underwater sound screen. There hides a story beneath its hypnotically spiralling guitars and reverb-soaked melodies. The album is trying to tell you something. Let it wash over you: drown in the straining strings that bend and warp and bounce off each other, and lose yourself in the vocals that weave themselves into and nestle within the melodies. Aquatic may well be a modern shoegaze/dreampop classic. It is an outstanding effort, a truly lovely collection of tunes that make you feel as though 1992 was happening again—now.

It’s the soft nostalgia that gives ‘Dusted’ its edge - not actually yearning to grow your hair floppy and flounce shyly to walls of feedback and reverb, just yearning to yearn.