Practically a one-man operation, Wild Nothing was formed by Jack Tatum in 2009, gaining early attention through a cover of Kate Bush’s Cloudbursting.

Summer Holiday was his first single, released that same year, preceding the debut album Gemini, in 2010. Follow-up album Nocturne in 2012 saw an expansion of the sound - partly because the success of Gemini meant that he could record its successor in an actual studio, with actual studio equipment and a producer; it was certainly progress from his debut, which had been exclusively recorded using his laptop.

Perhaps due to those recording limitations, Summer Holiday has a lovely lo-fi sheen; slightly muddy and hazy in the best shoegazing tradition, but not so much so that the sound falls in on itself, and just clear enough to make out the tender call and response of Tatum’s ‘woah’s and his guitar picks in the chorus.