Never say I can’t be topical. As you watch this video, Limahl (real name Chris Hamill, anagram fans), the man, the hair, is over in the Australian jungle raising awareness of the dangers of wrong-headed absentee Tory MPs and casual high fivery. He seems to have lost one or two of the assorted hairstyles he carried around with him 30 years ago, but hopefully none of the cocky charm that moved his relationship with Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes from one where Limahl was a waiter serving Rhodes champagne at the Embassy Club to one where Rhodes was producing Too Shy, the debut single from Limahl’s baby-speak inspired band Kajagoogoo.

After the rest of the band had their manager sack Limahl over the phone, he flew solo with “The NeverEnding Story”, thus ensuring a lifetime of predictable headlines.

Kajagoogoo, meanwhile, had a few more hits, including Big Apple, which no-one in the world apart from me claims any memory of. As the hits dried up, so did the printer’s ink, the band becoming Kaja, and proving only that the name wasn’t the problem.