Today’s video is brought to you by Goths Against Motion Sickness (GAMS). Goths just can’t stand motion sickness (I think it’s the motion aspect that they find troubling), abhorring it almost as much as they hate being told that The Cure are a goth band. I tried that once, and it didn’t go down particularly well, to say the least. Who knew goths could be so angry (I mean actually outwardly aggressive, not just the usual internal angst)?

The other-hating seems to be mutual, luckily, Robert Smith havnig described gothic rock as ““incredibly dull and monotonous. A dirge really.” In truth, The Cure have flirted knowingly with the outskirts of that gothic dirge, but always made sure not to fly too close to the black hole, and have been genre-hopping at will from the pretty straightforward post-punk of Killing An Arab through a series of progressively poppier 80s hits (Love Cats, In Between Days, Close To Me, Just Like Heaven), before landing on 1992’s schizophrenic “Wish”, with its great swathes of scuzzy-indie and shoegaze rainbows intercut with simple ballads and the unadulterated joy that is “Friday I’m In Love”.

Two live albums, “Paris” and “Show”, followed in quick succession, at which point I seem to have stopped paying attention. It doesn’t seem like very much new or exciting is happening on planet Cure these days.

In Between Days reached #15 in August 1985, even though no-one seems to be able to agree on the exact title - In Between Days? In-between Days? Inbetween days?. See also Lovesong/Love Song.