Sound the unscheduled bonus track Klaxxon!

In a Facebook group that I’m a member of, someone was asking for the best tracks by Swedish bands. Accepting the rather ludicrous and arbitrary “no ABBA” rule laid down by, it wasn’t hard to think of the winning answer.

The Mary Onettes are one of many splendid bands signed to Sweden’s Labrador Records. A little less twee than some of their labelmates, on their self-title debut album they created a warmly nostalgic sound that harks back to heady new wave / new romantic days of the ’80s, with echoey drums and big choruses. It brings to mind New Order, A-Ha, Talk Talk, and you won’t hear a more perfect encapsulation of the Duran Duran song than on R.U.N. from the Lost EP.

Lost sees The Mary Onettes at the very top of their game: a driving rhythm pounds along through the verse and into a colossal chorus backed by heavenly synths. Perfect.