We asked 100 indie disco fans to respond with the first word or phrase that came into their head when we said Song 2.

We also asked one Jubilee Line ticket barrier to respond with the first word or phrase that came into its head:


100 indie disco fans and one ticket barrier said:


Song 2 was the second single from Blur’s self-titled fifth album in 1997. After Beetlebum topped the UK singles chart on the back of a wave of “yay! not Parklife III or The Great Escape II” good feeling, Song 2 piggy-backed on its success: what started out as a statement against dumb American rock, and then went on to become Blur’s most successful hit in that country. It has since become the most successful, biggest, dumbest song of them all, used here there and everywhere - in the US, in the UK and elsewhere - at sporting events to celebrate goals, touchdowns, scores of any kind. In fact, at any gathering of the people where frenzied excitement is expected, Song 2 will probably be found blaring out of a soundsystem at some point. At least British Gas haven’t got their hands on it yet - they’re still squeezing every ounce they can out of The Universal.