Hang on a moment - I’ve just got to finish colouring in Lithuania on my “countries RRP has digitally visited” map, and then I’ll be with you…

Sisters on Wire are a Lithuanian trio who have just released their self-titled debut EP. Very generously, they’ve made it available on Bandcamp on that good old name your price deal.

Sisters on Wire are:

Oleg Jerochin (vocals, guitars, sound engineering)

Fil Gusev (guitars)

Gints Gascevicius (drums)

Individually they’ve previously been involved in music and culture in Lithuania (with engineering and production credits on The X Factor, appearances in well-known bands such as Bix, and as organisers of some of the biggest Lithuanian cultural events and music festivals. They describe their music as “a blend of indie rock romanticism, synth-pop dreaminess and heavier guitar riffs, wrapped up by mysterious Eastern European soul driven lyrics”, and I for one agree with them. At different times different elements come to the fore in the sound: No Measure, for example, begins as dream-pop but flows quickly into melodic indie-pop/rock as the chorus comes around, while Take My Hand feeds off infectious piano work.

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