If you thought you were starting to get bored of the whole synth-pop ’80s vibe, time to take stock and reassess. Shura, who I’m now officially a big fan of, having known nothing about her until very recently, has followed up Touch with the release of a new song, Just Once.

As you might expect if you’ve heard Touch, Just Once mines a seam of sweet synth sounds, suffused in a soft-focus spotlight. Its influences are so well-honoured you could slip it into the playlist of one of those daytime jukebox radio station and no-one would complain (except, maybe, hardcore nostalgics who refuse to listen to anything they don’t already know inside-out). Now that might not sound like fulsome praise, but believe me, this is a beautiful song that builds gently into its outro. It’s also smart, with a lyric that punches harder than anything else you’re likely to find in that playlist:

I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve disagreed but it’s the third time we’ve fought together this week.

Maybe it’s not that, maybe i just need time on my own.

Just once, I’m gonna go and get drunk.