When Neil Halstead isn’t working on beautiful acoustic solo albums, or getting ready for Slowdive reunion gigs, he likes to hang out with Neil Mark Van Hoen, and Nick Holton and release electro-gaze anthems under the name Black Hearted Brother.

I’d say the man has some talent, but that much is obvious already. Besides, it would be unfair to single out Halstead: Black Hearted Brother is very much the joint creation of all its contributors, and both Van Hoen and Holton have a history of collaboration with Halstead that passes through Halstead’s solo albums, past Mojave 3, right back to the Slowdive days, when Van Hoen was educating Halstead in the ways of the electronic and the ambient.

Not that there’s much evidence of the ambient on (I Don’t Mean To) Wonder. Taken from the 2013 album Stars Are Our Home, it’s a rousing slice of buzzing, percussive shoegazing - a sort of Jesus & Mary Chain meets everyone who’s got reverb.