That secret Oasis announcement teased on Facebook yesterday? No, not a reunion, but a reissue of Definitely Maybe to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The new version will be remastered, and available in as many formats as Tony McCarroll can shake a drumstick at: CD, digital download, 3-disc special edition, 12” LP. The non-album content include a disc of what looks very much the b-sides from various Definitely Maybe singles and not much else other than the standalone single Whatever, and a disc of rarities of the demo and live recordings variety. If you’ve always wanted to hear Oasis play Digsy’s Dinner live in a shop in Paris, this is the disc for you.

Poor old Tony McCarroll, by the way: after his out-of-court settlement in 1999, I can only assume that he will receive nothing in the way of royalties from the reissue of Definitely Maybe, while suffering the ignominy of knowing that everyone with an opinion will be raking over the dead corpse of his drumming all over again. And everyone with an opinion will be saying exactly what they said the first time around: it’s not that great. In McCarroll’s defence, I’d like to point out that it’s not as if the rest of the band are throwing out free-form jazz improvisations around his beats; his pounding is perfectly in keeping with what everyone else is doing, and at least he isn’t inventing new vowel sounds.

The 20th anniversary edition of Definitely Maybe will be released May 19.