‘High Diving Horses’ features the usual quiet fuming from Luke Haines, set to a searing guitar riff. The song appeared on the 10-inch single release of How Could I Be Wrong in 1993, and that riff is so good it takes my mind of the fact that bongos are clearly present, which should really be a sign that all is not well.

Haines writes about the recording session for High Diving Horses in his autobiography:

I’ve used up all my good songs that were worth recording on New Wave and for the Showgirl b-sides. The new songs I have written are too good for b-sides. So I hurriedly commission myself to write especially for the session. Two slow crap songs (High Diving Horses and Wedding Day) and a prowling third one (Lenny Valentino).

So there you have it: in the words of the song’s creator himself, it’s slow and crap.