They have papier-mâché heads, and insist that you wear black tie to their gigs. Now Arcade Fire can also strike a line through playing a song by The Smiths on their bucket list, because that’s exactly what they did tonight. That’s right - the band, who usually play music they’ve written themselves, treated the crowd at Earls Court only hours ago to a performance of a song that they did not write themselves.

And here it is, or at least part of it, just in case you weren’t lucky enough to hear it at the time.

Amazing, right?

And in case you’re thinking that the sound quality is a bit rough, RRP sources at the venue have told me that this is a faithful rendition of the Earl’s Court soundstage, and matches the experience of most of the audience, whose collective review of the evening can best be summed up as: “actually, not that great”.