Whatever happened to Good Shoes? Think Before You Speak might only have reached number 55, and its follow-up No Hope, No Future didn’t even grace the charts, but there was a decent buzz around the band, and tracks like Morden were pure DJ catnip.

Morden details the South London borough that was home to Good Shoes in depressing, but believably realistic detail:

You can go and eat your Chinese food over

drunken fools singing 80’s tunes

they’ll be singing out of tune saying

get the foreigners out of my area

A skinhead in a Burberry coat,

this is not the sort of place you want to take your kids to.

Fifty pound shops and nothing left to inspire me

  • in Morden

Now the band’s official website is down, and there’s been no mention of new music on the Good Shoes official Facebook page since a reference to demo recordings in early 2012. As one recent poster to that page puts it: