As Franz Ferdinand release an official video to Stand on the Horizon, the sleeper gem and Todd Terje collaboration from last year’s Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, we’re heading back to their breakthrough hit. Take Me Out was the band’s second release after the Darts of Pleasure EP, and gave them instant chart glory in the UK, rising to number three, and staying in the Top 40 for nine weeks. The self-titled debut album followed, reaching the same peak. In the US success took a little longer, but Franz Ferdinand went on to be a million-seller in America.

What makes this all the more extraordinary is that _Take Me Out_ is a typical record executive’s idea of exactly what not to release as a single. It’s essentially two songs spot-welded together like one of those Robin Reliant/BMW conjunctions that Watchdog always gets so annoyed about. Sadly, the more cautious radio presenters have elected to play just the second half, missing that this is an inspired coupling that showcases all Franz Ferdinand’s strengths: staccato guitars, disco rhythms and arch lyrics.

It was all the result of a simple but expertly accomplished plan from lead singer Alex Kapranos. All he really wanted to do, he once said, was to write songs that girls would dance to. RRP is a forward-thinking and equal opportunities sort of place, however, so we’re happy for anyone to dance to Take Me Out. Besides, its swagger, its confidence, its bravado, these are anyone’s for the taking.