Eternally Dizzy are a new band out of Columbus, Ohio, consisting of frontman Andre’ Vanderpool, Joe Camerlengo on bass and Jeremy Skeen hammering away pretty hard on drums. And that is pretty much all I know about them. (Edit: with a little bit of research I have found out that Eternally Dizzy have links to Columbus band Van Dale)

I do also know, however, that they have released a song called People Walking. It’s the first track from the forthcoming EP Dirty Dirt. You can get it from bandcamp on a name your price deal, which means it could be yours for free. But if you give it a listen, and like it - and you should, and also you should - you might want to pony up a little of your local currency. Maybe then they’ll make more songs, and if they’re as satisfyingly crunchy as the no messing around ’90s alt-rock influenced People Walking you’ll be glad you did.

Buy the song from the bandcamp link below, and head to the band’s facebook page for more updates.