Sometimes when you get a tweet out of the blue from someone you don’t know it’s auto-generated hip-hop spam, sometimes it’s a tweet about a song you were already kind enough to RT to the world the day before. Every now and then, it’s a keeper.

No sooner had I finished writing about how it’s a good time to be a shoegazing fan, when up pops a waving hand in my twitter feed, a link to a video and the promise of dream pop by The Hours. Steady Glazed Eyes delivers on that promise; it’s grander, heavier than most dream pop, but less opaque than most shoegazing. The steely drone hints at the Winnipeg band’s former life playing Velvet Underground covers. Steady Glazed Eyes moves at its own pace, and you might as well let it dictate yours.

Buy the single from the bandcamp link, below.