If Wittertainment can have a clergy corner, then so can Record Rewind Play.

Lettuce spray.

The Smiths - Vicar in a Tutu

It’s not strange, he just wants to live his life this way…


Mansun - Stripper Vicar

Getting stranger.

I was worried so I went to see the vicar

But before I could confess

He first confessed to be a stripper


Black Grape - Reverend Black Grape

Let us worship in the church of Bez.


Reverend and the Makers - Silence is Talking


Hozier - Take Me To Church

You might know this one. You might, in fact, already hate this one by now. You may well feel you’ve had enough of it’s ubiquity. And yet here I come, charging into battle when the dead and cost are already being counted, full of fresh enthusiasm for an incredible vocal performance and glorious melody.


The Church - Tantalized

You might not know this one. In truth I’ve only recently been turned on to the jangly charms of The Church. Taken from their 1985 album Heyday, Tantalized is a kinetic whirl of guitars, that particularly antipodean vocal delivery and bold stabs of brass. This live rendition somehow offers up nine frenetic minutes of musical epiphany.


Here endeth the lesson.