Let Nobody Know is the beautiful debut single from Helsinki-based UUMA. It’s an acoustic folk delight that combines organic with inorganic textures: part bright crystalline reflection and stunning high vocals in the chorus, part soft vocals and soft hands delivering a consummate guitar solo. The contrast is delivered in the the video for Let Nobody Know - which was directed and filmed by filmmaker Heikki Slåen, with post-production by Miika Ullakko - by the crisp icy air and glistening ice, against soft grasses and a fragment of lost fabric.

UUMA (the name in Finnish can refer to both the waist of a woman and the curved body of a guitar) got together in 2013; judging by the qualities of Let Nobody Know, a bright future beckons. Buy the single now from UUMA on Bandcamp.

UUMA are…

Guitar: Erkko Aarti

Vocals: Sini Hyytiäinen

Solo guitar: Teemu Kilkki

Cajón/percussions: Eki Vikman / Joonas Ala-Karvia