Because I like to mix in a few established artists with the hot newcomers, here’s a new video (totally new if you ignore the one week time delay between it falling into my inbox and me finding it) for Falling Awake, by the very established, highly establishment-friendly Kaiser Chiefs. Being big and famous and all that they can afford (in both senses) to edit together a few minutes of various live performances shot in HD with a little backstage tomfoolery and give the song another boost.

Falling Awake is the first release from the as-yet untitled sixth album by Kaiser Chiefs, following last year’s Education, Education, Education & War. It does pretty much exactly what you’d expect, in pretty much exactly the way you’d expect it to: there’s a verse knocking around somewhere, but I cannot for the life of me remember how it goes, and anyway it’s largely incidental to the anthemic bounce-along chorus - the kind that Ricky & Co specialize in, the kind that contains one simple idea, not much in the way of lyrical complexity, but a hook and an energy that makes it the kind I’m going to have trouble shaking for at least the rest of the day.