Just the other morning I was sighing dejectedly at the thought of all the potentially great and to-be-loved-by-me albums that I had overlooked, been ignorant of, or set aside for later never to then reset afront this year. And then I started watching the new video for Snow, the opening track to The Lonely Wild’s 2015 album Chasing White Light, and I knew that I had to add one more to the fuzzy list I keep. So that’s infinity plus one I have to worry about now, and that, as you know, is a pretty large number.

But what can you do? Or what can I do? Except buy the album (tick!), listen to the album (coming soon!) and share the opening track, with its gambolling folk-rock coming across like the best of Okkervil River (who are much loved around these parts, by the way) with a glorious video in tow. Why wouldn’t you take the time to listen? As they themselves sing - “there’s nothing on the television”.”

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