In the past Ski Lodge vocalist Andrew Marr has declared his love for The Queen is Dead (his tour bus album of choice), and gone all Morrissey on Our Love Is Over Now. For Heaven is Now he and Ski Lodge make the transition from mid-to-late 80s indie pop to a slightly earlier new wave period in the same decade. While the guitar owners union might gently weep at such a move, in reality it’s a gentle, subtle shift - a differently shaded polo neck perhaps. Lyrically, it speaks of similar human emotions, and the guitar/synth swap is the difference between a shy kid telling his bedroom wall his woes and his more grown up, outwardly mature equivalent speaking to the object of his affections.

By the way, guitar-men - those strings on The Queen is Dead? Totally synthed.

Heaven is Now will appear on Ski Lodge’s next EP, due out in 2016 on Old Flame Records.

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