In a word: epic.

Drop the cool, it’s an act and you and I both know it. Break out the big tunes and prepare to sway and sing it out loud like the happy idiot you would be if only adult inhibitions weren’t crushing the child inside. Enjoy - if that’s not too mild a word for it - or worship, if that’s not too bold a command, I See The Sun, a track unashamedly inspired by lead singer Regan Lane’s daughter as much as it is by the great rock ballads of old.

I See The Sun is an epic rock ballad and a heartfelt ode to the inspiration, direction and belief that our children can give life. By the time it ends it sounds almost like G and R and The Beatles are collaborating AND battling for control of the SA musical universe.. The words I BELIEVE are repeated on the song’s closeout, as if a reminder of the faith it takes to keep moving forward… Believe in ourselves, our children, the power of love and the future. SA says, “Why not, huh?”