First there was the blistering Habit on My Mind, then came the Foals-meets-The-Cardigans of Making Eyes. Now Saltwater Sun have completed the release cycle for their debut release Wild with the EP’s title track. Happily and predictably, it’s another corker, all textures, depth and harmony, and some sort of alchemy by which they get a guitar to ride alongside Jennie Stearnes’ vocal like a swan disguised as a shark (or possibly the other way round) cruising in the wake of a crumbling analogy passing itself off as a metaphor. Again, possibly the other way round. The point being, we hope Saltwater Sun can keep building some sort of momentum through 2016 so that whenever their debut album is out, they achieve the same levels of wide acclaim as a certain female-led band with occasional male vocals and a name consisting of two words has done throughout 2015.

Wild is out on November 13th, via Hand in Hive. So that’s tomorrow, if you’re reading this today, and today really is today and this post is fresh off the presses.

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