If you’ll allow me, for a moment, to indulge in discussion of the pointlessness of tags and genre descriptions…

These days I seem to be a partially lapsed indie kid with a penchant for music variously described as synthpop or electropop. Quite where the boundary lies between these I’m not sure, but I tend to feel a softness in synths, and an energy to electro. Because alliteration is awesome (also, appropriate). But even so, two things called or calling themselves synthpop did not necessarily fall from the same tree and you’ll find yourself jarred and jolted should you compile a playlist solely on the basis of one tag. This will not be news to anyone who’s let an algorithm choose the background music for their latest society soiree.

Case in point: Running, the new single from Australian singer Fieu. It’s the first fruit (enough with the analogies already!) of a collaboration with Eskimo Joe’s guitarist and Western Australian based producer Joel Quartermain. Calls itself synthpop, but don’t let that lull you into looking forward to a quiet evening in - Running is fizzing with electropop sparkle. Synths shoot up and down, meeting stunning vocals coming the other way, and occasionally some huge bass leaps out grabs you by the shoulders, shakes you up then calmly lets you go, picks a speck of fluff from your jacket and sends you on your way again.

To celebrate the release of Running, Fieu has announced an east coast tour, including two showcases at this year’s Australian Music Week in Sydney.

Live Dates

Nov 18th – The Pier, Port Macquarie

Nov 19th – Australian Music Week Showcase, Sydney

Nov 20th – Australian Music Week Showcase, Sydney

Nov 22nd – Element Bar, Coffs Harbour

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