S. Carey’s first two albums, All We Grow (2010) and Range of Light (2014) are like delicate blossoms floating through a procedurally generated bucolic landscape. The idea of stripping them back, reducing them to the barest minimum of components and composition, seems like trying to catch the mist, but that’s exactly what the Supermoon EP does.

Comprising two tracks from each album together with the title track and a cover version of Radiohead’s Bullet Proof ..I Wish I Was, the EP is mostly serene and piano-led - in this company the strings that stab at the heart of We Fell are a dramatic incursion - with occasional sympathetic additions like the steady notes that are held throughout and which outlive the title track.

Neverending Fountain originally appeared on Range of Light. In its original version, things are bowed and plucked (harp flourishes run through the track) - there always seems to be at least a dozen layers of sound for the vocals to percolate through; the version on Supermoon is altogether calmer, an appropriately atmospheric moonlit version that brings the vocal melody out, and dances it across a frozen lake.

Carey is currently on a living room tour that will continue in April. Details HERE.