Go! is the second single to be taken from Public Service Broadcasting’s new album The Race For Space, which was released this week to extremely positive reviews. We really hope to find time here at RRP to pen our own thoughts on what is a bold and ambitious album. Go! covers a small step / giant leap in the race for space, “paying tribute in its own way to the men and women behind the scenes who put Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon”.

The video was directed by Lucy Dawkins and Tom Readdy and produced by Yes Please! Productions. Material used in the video comes from the NASA Audio & Multimedia Collections and Colin Mackellar at honeysucklecreek.net.

Public Service Broadcasting play two nights at The National Space Center tonight and tomorrow for the album’s launch, followed by tour dates in Australia and New Zealand, the US and Canada, and UK and Europe through to June. Check the band’s website at https://publicservicebroadcasting.net/ for details.