Holy Smoke is the new single from Glaswegian musician Robin Adams. It’s a meditative, intense and personal track, Adams delivering studied lyrics against a sparse musical accompaniment of nothing more than a guitar that occasionally barely makes a noise, and the drawn out sombre notes of a cello.

Holy Smoke is taken from Adams’ fourth studio album, The Garden, an album informed specifically by the character of Vincent Van Gogh, and generally by the concept of the struggling artist - an ethos thatAdams can empathise with through his own battles with chronic illness.

Adams recorded the whole album on his own, in a bedroom over looking a garden.

I approached every song as I imagined Van Gogh might have approached a painting. There had to be the capturing of a moment, there had to be a rawness and a truth in every performance. If I didn’t transcend in some respect during the song, I knew it wasn’t acceptable.

The Garden is out on April 13th, via Backshop Records.