FAO: anyone who is in a band that consists of fewer than three members. If you occasionally worry that your sound is a bit bland or flat, that your songs are a bit one-paced or monotonous, may I suggest you check out Youth, the new single from Swedish duo Tuva Lodmark (guitar / vocals) and Nelly Daltrey (drums), who together make up Pale Honey.

Youth achieves cool without trying, and texture and shade without resorting to too much fanciness. Maybe in a stripped-back two-piece it helps to have a contrast between sweet insouciance in the vocals and harshness in the guitars as well as a little quiet / loud interplay between verse and chorus. Maybe there’s secretly a lot more people playing on this track than I realise. And if that’s what makes it work, well, Mr two-piece, there’s another option to think about.

Youth is out on March 2nd, on Bolero Recordings. Pale Honey’s self-titled debut album is out on May 4th.