My Sad Captains have released a new EP, Extra Curricular. The title track is a re-recorded version of a song from last year’s album Best of Times. A video, starring a dancing white stallion from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, has also been released.

The only downside to this shiny new version of Extra Curricular is that it makes the album version sound like you’re listening to it through bubble-wrap: the production here is pin-sharp, with extra fizz from the synths that underpin the melody, providing a bed for the other keyboards and simple guitar riffs to buzz in and out, and lifting the vocals at the same time. Somehow, even though there seems to be a lot more going on here than in the earlier recording, it manages to sound more spacious.

The Extra Curricular EP also features two new songs and a reworking of Keeping On, Keeping On, also from Best of Times.