In a nutshell, Muse have looked across at Royal Blood, standing there becapped, a clutch of trophies from the NME and BRIT awards in their arms, and thought: we’re not having that. So out they come, fighting, Psycho, three musicians doing the job of two: namely, take a simple riff and make it noisy. Where they win is with a little production finesse, rounded corners, and audio samples. Where they lose is that if you strip all that away, what you’re left with is a pretty simple and unspectacular riff, and one that’s been knocking about in more or less this exact form for a good decade and a half. If that’s your bag, you’ll lap Psycho up (and with 150K views already on Youtube, it’s safe to say that’s already happening to a degree), but I’m just left thinking about giving Plug in Baby a quick spin.

Psycho is taken from Muse’s seventh studio album, Drones, out via Helium-3 on 6th June.