Lucha is a two-piece band from Austin, Texas, creating interesting and absorbing soundscape using unusual instrumentation and found sounds. The Long Winter is their first release. In only five tracks, three of which are barely two minutes long, they offer the possibility of entire sonic worlds. I was going to say something along the lines of a journey through time and space, before I remembered that was The Mighty Boosh, and now I’ve made that connection I need to back away from it and point out that The Long Winter is genuinely intriguing.

Spacey sonar sounds abound: it’s like an alien communication that you can almost but not quite understand. On Black Beatles the bleeps play out a near-melody that refuses to settle, like a time when you can’t quite tune in to a satellite broadcast, or those spaces on the dial between the radio stations that offer momentary glimpses of extra-worldly possibilities. On Soma the electronic melody comes through clearer, sharing the lead with an unusually prominent guitar during the track’s middle section,

Lucha are multi-instrumentalist /songwriter, Mick Southerland and guitarist/keyboardist, Brian Scherer. The Long Winter is out on March 1st, self-released and available from Bandcamp.