At the start of It’s What Happens Next Is What Matters Most, the new single from Life in Film, you might be wondering what’s happened to their sweet, skittery indie-pop. Fear not - stick around and the catchy will come back to you. More reflective than previous single Get Closer, It’s What Happens Next Is What Matters Most is drenched in harmonies, dancing guitar lines and drops a couple of rhythmic feints in for good measure, all in under three minutes.

And something you might or might not want to know - the track was recorded shirtless. Frontman Samuel Fry explains:

The practice room we used to rehearse in had no windows and used to get crazy hot in the summer, so by the end of practice we had all stripped down to our pants. Which always gave the next band coming in a bit of a shock.

 Dominic [Sennett] has a picture of Jack Nicholson on the back of his bass, it’;s of Jack when he won his first Oscar. Trophy held aloft. The quote of his, If I can win this, then you can do anything.

Life in Film’s debut album, Here It Comes, is out on May 5th (and produced by none other than Stephen Street).

In the meantime you can catch the band across North America in April and May, when they are touring in support of The Wombats. Check the band’s website for full tour details: