Believe is the new album from Oklahoma noise rock / shoegaze outfit Depth & Current. Released at the end of February, it’s an eight-track explosion of dark noise and heavyweight shoegazing. At times it’s almost gothically dark and heavy - Ian Curtis fronting The Jesus & Mary Chain doing wilfully lo-fi experimentation, perhaps - and with the exception of the relatively (relatively, mind) light Truth providing a milder centerpiece, through its running-time it’s a swirling, reverb-heavy (everything heavy) onslaught.

After a gloriously frenetic, melodic start with Math, the mood gets darker as the guitars get heavier. It’s so relentless towards the end in fact that closing track Goodbye Goodnight, almost entirely instrumental, a whirl of guitar textures and feedback, comes as something of a relief, especially after the slow heavy gloom of previous track Hated.

Even if you’re not into shoegazing as heavy as all that, there are moments of real beauty to be found, particularly in the second half of the magnificent Speak Up, as it works itself up into a frenzy round a repeated rising guitar pattern.