The inbox is overflowing, but musical discovery is still such an unalloyed thrill that there should always be time to wander the halls of the Soundcloud recommendations.

Just in case.

And because if you follow the rules of the random walk, you will almost always arrive somewhere interesting. And if you’re doing it right, somewhere you’ve never been. And when you get there, you should always take a moment to look around. Look up, look down, look through and beyond.

Case in point: Turtle, the recording name of Glaswegian producer and songwriter Jon Cooper, who is about to release his second EP, Colours, a five-track EP that captivates from start to finish. Three instrumental tracks join the EP’s two vocal lead singles, Floor and Silent Weapons: together they form an intoxicating electronic brew of mysterious and intriguing textures.

Colours is out on 11th May 2015, released by Beatnik Creative. Order the EP from Bandcamp, HERE.