Gingerlys are a New York quintet who have created an EP that can only be described as pretty much perfect in every way. From the intro to title track Jumprope to the end of Set You Off it packs into its whirling eleven minutes an almost inconceivable number of hooks and delicious moments - enough to make whole albums weep for shame.

Maria Garnica’s vocals set the tone - always entrancing, sometimes reminiscent of The Pastels’ Katrina Mitchell, but always her own. Collectively, Gingerlys operate somewhere near the cross-roads between indie-pop, dream pop and shoegazing - there’s even a phrase in Summer Cramps where it all goes, at least to these ears, a bit Breather by Chapterhouse, which is absolutely fine by me.

Each of the EP’s four tracks seem to be competing in a “catchiest chorus” competition, and yet choruses and verses are interchangeable, synths dance around one or the other, guitars take over the hook. On Better Hearts (think Come Saturday by Pains of Being Pure at Heart and you won’t be far off) the simple lyric - “You don’t know me, you don’t know me, I’ve seen better hearts than you’ve got”- gives way to a final minute of outro, where the melody seems to be coming at you from all angles, while Brian Alvarez on drums just keeps ratcheting up the energy.

Sunny, summer indie-pop must never die. It’s extremely important that we hold to that; the world would be a far drearier place without its short, bouncy, effervescent bursts to jump around to. Even if it’s not to your personal taste, think how happy it makes introspective indie-kids. Imagine if they were actually as unhappy as you think they already are. What sort of a world would that be?

Jumprope is available on 7” from Shelf Life, and by all accounts its run of 300 copies is selling out fast. If you prefer digital (or live outside the US and wince at international shipping rates) you can pick up the MP3s instead.