On first listen to Interpol’s new track All the Rage Back Home from the forthcoming anagrammatical album El Pintor I was struggling to see what others were saying about it being a return to form. “But this is just what Interpol do!”, I thought. “This is just how they sound!”. In other words, quite a lot like Interpol.

It was only when I decided to check back through some old Interpol albums that I realised that the Interpol that exists in my head stopped making albums after Antics in 2004 and have spent the intervening years touring the world and playing so-so festival sets to pockets of hardcore fans and straggles of bored onlookers.

If only they’d had the energy of All the Rage Back Home to pep up those sets, and themselves. After a few listens, this new track does indeed reveal itself as a blast that bodes well. Within the narrow palette that Interpol so often stick to there’s a pretty fine line between success and sleep, here Paul Banks’ impassioned pleas, the “hey hey hey hey”s and a gradual build up of intensity put it on the right side of the line.

El Pintor is out on 8th September in the UK on Soft Limit, and on 9th September in the US on Matador.