You couldn’t walk, robotically or otherwise, for bumping into St.Vincent promotions back at the start of 2014. That lady was everywhere: all over twitter, facebook, fashion shows, and TV appearances. But in case you missed any of it, or long for those days again, when Annie Clark seemed like she was ten per cent of the music industry, and one hundred per cent of its excitement, good news is only a moment away.

On Wednesday, St. Vincent performed a 53-minute set for “Live on Letterman” at the Ed Sullivan Theatre, New York, and you can watch the full performance right here:

The performance included plenty of tracks from St. Vincent as well as some great cuts from earlier records. Throughout, Clark showed once more that there’s really no-one around who can combine an off-kilter art-pop performance with supreme guitar skills quite like she can. The full set-list is:

  1. Rattlesnake
  2. Digital Witness
  3. Cruel
  4. Marrow
  5. Every Tear Disappears
  6. Surgeon
  7. Cheerleader
  8. Prince Johnny
  9. Huey Newton
  10. Regret
  11. Birth in Reverse