Given the massive PR effort that went into the release of the album St. Vincent in February of this year, it’s unlikely that many people will have missed Birth in Reverse. One of the tracks, along with Digital Witness that was made available before the album’s release, you could catch it on Youtube or Soundcloud, or from one of Annie Clark’s many TV appearances. Or even her appearance at Diane Von Furstenberg’s Fashion Week runway show.

Perhaps it was the intensity of the promotional drive, leading to album release excitement and then to post-release blues, but whatever it was, I haven’t been able to sustain my interest in St. Vincent as much as I thought I would when I gave it a glowing review. That said, I stand by much of what I said in the review: the first half is a triumph, and Birth in Reverse is a part of that, with its angular art-stomp, Clark’s expertly handled guitar stabs and off-hand references to masturbation creating a mix of the beautiful and the unsettling that gives the song its purpose.

There’s a link right here where you might be able to get a free download of the track in exchange for your soul email address, but bear in mind the offer was from February, so I have no idea whether it still works or not. Caveat, er, emailor.

If that doesn’t work, or satiate, you can always enjoy the best part of an hour of St. Vincent playing and shredding as part of the Live on Letterman series.